tk global bindings

vincent wehren vincent at
Sat Jan 29 14:42:39 EST 2005

vincent wehren wrote:
> Gabriel B. wrote:
>> I'm starting to write a POS application UI's module.
> In Tk here are three levels of binding: instance binding, class binding, 
>  and application binding represented by the bind, bind_class, and 
> bind_all methods. You're probably looking for the the bind_all method, 
> as in self.bind_all("<SomeKey>", self.onSomeKey)
> HTH,
> -- 
> Vincent Wehren

Oh and you of course __must__ look at the (recently updated!) New Mexico 
Tech tkinter document at:

See page 75 and follwing for more info on keyboard bindings...


Vincent Wehren

>> Thanks,
>> Gabriel

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