Getting rid of "self."

Simon Brunning simon.brunning at
Fri Jan 7 17:21:02 CET 2005

On 7 Jan 2005 08:10:14 -0800, Luis M. Gonzalez <luismgz at> wrote:
> The word "self" is not mandatory. You can type anything you want
> instead of self, as long as you supply a keyword in its place (it can
> be "self", "s" or whatever you want).

You *can*, yes, but please don't, not if there's any chance that
anyone other than you are going to have to look at your code.
'self.whatever' is clearly an instance attribute. 's.whatever' isn't
clearly anything - the reader will have to go off and work out what
the 's' object is.

The self prefix is a perfectly good convention. Let's stick to it.

Simon B,
simon at,

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