Python Operating System???

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Thu Jan 6 19:16:34 EST 2005

The bootloader would have to be a 'python-core'. Ideally a fast
implementation of just the python syntax and language features. Now
*that* would be an excellent basis for a restricted mode python
interpreter - which could make 'python applets' closer to a reality. It
would also make python for embedded systems and embedding python in
larger programs easier as well. A purely 'core language' implementation
with no libraries.....

Obviously you'd need file systems, drivers, and something to create the
functionality of the os and sys libraries. Basing it on the existing
Linux kernel would seem like a much more sensible idea....

There is/was a project (Peter Hansen ?) to produce a pure python file
system. that could be an interesting component.



David Brown wrote:
> Hello. I recently came across a free operating system called
Unununium (or
> something like that) and it was developed in Python and Assembly.
> Now, I have been looking for a way to make an operating system for a
> long time and the only possibilities I could find were C++ and
assembly. I
> don't mind assembly so much if I don't have to use it very often. But
C++ is
> so complicated and errors are pretty much impossible to find in the
code for
> me.
> So, I was wondering if it would be possible to find a bootloader that
> a python file at startup or something...
> Is there an example somewhere of a Python OS?
> Thanks!

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