Installing IPython on win2k

Dave Merrill dmerrillq at usaq.netq
Sat Jan 8 21:23:52 CET 2005

"Tim G"  wrote in message
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> Dave Merrill wrote:
> > Hi, I'm new to python, and ipython, but not to programming, having
> trouble
> > getting ipython installed on windows 2000, python 233. Any help would
> be
> > much appreciated; I'm sure I'm being some basic flavor of dense...
> First of all, rest assured that it does work (and quite
> easily) so welcome to Python and iPython and I hope
> the going's a bit smoother as you go along.

I'm having fun with python itself, but feeling a little constrained in the
IDE and debugger departments. (Not to mention the clues I haven't got...).

> > Then downloaded and unzipped it. When I
> double-click
> >, I get only a brief wait cursor; nothing else happens, and
> > importing ipython as a test fails.
> First of all, ipython isn't really an import into python; you run
> it and it runs python (if you understand me). So when you've
> installed it, I think it puts an item on your start menu. On
> linux, it puts an executable ipython onto your path.
> I've just downloaded and run the, and it does
> create a Start Menu item which will start iPython. Look
> out for that and see if it does the business.

Removed the files I'd unzipped and started over, putting a fresh unzip in
Program Files. Ran while watching the windows task list, and
pythonw ran for just a second, then disappeared. I saw no other signs of
anything running, and there's no shortcut for ipython in my start menu.

> > Both files in the scripts dir, ipython and pycolor, have no filename
> > extension, which seems odd to my newbie eye. I tried renaming them to
> .py,
> > still no difference.
> This is a unixism. Some unix types decry the use of file extensions
> because the information the extension gives -- which executable
> program to use -- is already embedded in the first line of a file.

So what do I do to try ipython directly, bypassing the shortcut (since I can
make my own later)? I tried right-click on scripts/ipython, Open With, and
chose python, but got only a quick DOS window.

Now what?


Dave Merrill

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