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On Sun, 23 Jan 2005 12:28:12 -0500, rumours say that Hans Nowak
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>Xah Lee wrote:
>> the first paragraph of 9.1 "A Word About Terminology" is epitome of
>> masturbation. The entire 9.1 is not necessary.
>> Large part of 9.2 "Python Scopes and Name Spaces" is again
>> masturbatory.
>So I can just take a copy of the tutorial to the bathroom next time. 
>Thanks for the tip, man!

The first day I (got) laid my eyes on the Python tutorial, I knew the
days of "Pyboy", "Pythouse" and "Python 10" were over.  I'm glad that
finally others, too, really grok the "joy of Python programming".

PS I just *love* the Classes chapter centerfold.  All-time classic.
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