Problem remotely shutting down a windows computer with python

Daniel Bickett dbickett at
Sun Jan 2 23:19:57 EST 2005

While I have no solution for the recipe you cited, it seems like alot
of trouble could be avoided by simply importing the os module and
running the following command using os.system:

shutdown -s

Daniel Bickett

On 2 Jan 2005 20:13:35 -0800, EW <ewanon at> wrote:
> I have a problem when using the python script found here:
> It is a script to remotely shutdown a windows computer.  When I use it,
> the computer shuts down, but doesn't power off like with a regular
> shutdown. It stays on the "Safe to power off" screen and I have to push
> the power button to actually power off.  Anyone know why this happens
> with this script?  Thanks for any help.
> Eric
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