wxPython clipboard

lbolognini at gmail.com lbolognini at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 06:26:10 EST 2005

Hi all,

I'm thinking about coding a free version of this software:

I would use wxPython and wx.Clipboard class (hoping to be able to make
it cross-platform)

The software above detects macros you code in any Windows active window
and replaces them with a text: something like you write "/ff" and he
pastes "Feel free to call us back for whatever questions you might

This kind of softwares are very usefull in a call-centre environment
(where I'm currently working).

The thing is I'm thinking about the best approach (in terms of CPU
resources) to detect the macro. Not sure how keyloggers work but I
suspect I could run a service that compares everything beign written in
the active window with the macros I saved in the software

Could you please give me some advice on the best approach to solve this

Thanks a lot,

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