on python 2.4

ariza ariza at
Thu Jan 13 05:53:15 EST 2005

i am not sure where i found documented as used prior to 2.4.

the issue is that i do not need sys.path, as in the list of all paths
that python searches. sys.prefix is close to what i need:

>>> sys.prefix

but the old gave sys.prefix, plus the additional directories
to get into the actual python library:


can we assume that, on all platforms, the old is the same as:

>>> os.path.join(sys.prefix, 'lib', 'python%s' % sys.version[:3])

or is it better to use, as you suggest,

>>> import os
>>> os.path.dirname(os.__file__)

this is useful for a few reasons. the first was i needed a cross
platform way to find the complete path to the idle directory; the
second was the complete path to the 'site-packages' directory.


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