[perl-python] 20050125 standard modules

Dan Perl danperl at rogers.com
Tue Jan 25 12:10:55 EST 2005

I sent the following feedback message to Yahoo! Groups about this abusive 
use of their service.

Feel free to also report this as an abuse of the Yahoo! Groups service until 
the problem is resolved.


As the owner of the perl-python group, p0lyglut (aka Xah Lee), has added two 
newsgroups to the mailing list of the group: comp.lang.perl.misc and 

First of all, I don't think anyone could have given Xah Lee an authorization 
on behalf of the newsgroups.  I am not sure, but that is probably a 
violation of the Terms of Service in itself.  I will leave this matter up to 
you to investigate.

The daily messages of the perl-python group are unwanted by the two 
newsgroups.  Just take a look at the follow-ups in the newsgroups that the 
perl-python postings have generated.

I hope that not only the newsgroups will be removed from the perl-python 
group but that such an abuse will also be prevented in the future.


Dan Perl 

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