Python! Is! Truly! Amazing!

Ville Vainio ville at
Mon Jan 3 06:05:48 EST 2005

>>>>> "jfj" == jfj  <jfj at> writes:

    jfj> There were functional and non-functional programming
    jfj> languages (the first being *much* simpler to
    jfj> implement). There is a *reason* people chose C over
    jfj> lisp. It's not that we were all blind and didn't see the
    jfj> amazingness of lisp. Procedural languages are simply better,
    jfj> and I'm not replying to this flamewar.

You did already ;). Lisp is not a functional programming language, if
that was the case it would be even less popular than it is now. Lisp
had it's heyday, while pure FP languages didn't even have that much.

Hey, it's 2005, I don't think we've used up our yearly Lisp flamewar
quota yet.

Ville Vainio

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