import problems *newbie*

mike kreiner mike.kreiner at
Mon Jan 17 00:53:06 CET 2005

Thanks for your help Steve and F. Petitjean. Sorry for taking so long
to get back, I was away from my lab for a few days.

The path to my directory was not included in the sys.path list. Adding
a my.pth file to the site-packages directory fixed the import problem.
F. Petitjean, I originally edited the PYTHONPATH because "Learning
Python," the O'Reilly book, says to do so. I like your and Steve's
solutions better--editing the PYTHONPATH seems a little unwieldy--but
just to satisfy my curiosity, what are some of the reasons these
methods are preferable?

Steve, as far as finding out the cause of this problem, I muddled
around python and the registry for a while, but nothing jumped out at
me. The only thing I can think of is that I have both Python 2.3 and
2.4 installed, and I'm currently working in 2.3. I thought that
PYTHONPATH was an environment variable, so having two different
versions wouldn't affect it, but I was wondering...should I bother
uninstalling 2.4 to see if the prob gets fixed? Other than that I'm
still something of a newbie, but I'd love to actually help fix this bug
if you can think of anything for me to try (oh joy, my first open
source contribution!). Thanks.


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