What can I do with Python ??

Alex Martelli aleaxit at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 1 23:46:29 CET 2005


> Beginners question, but really what can you do with it ?

You can write application programs, big or small, of just about any kind
you may imagine, on just about any platform you may imagine (from
mainframes and supercomputers down to powerful cellphones such as
Nokia's S-60 series).

> How hard is Python to learn compared with other languages 
> (let's say C#).

Python is among the simplest languages to learn.

> Can you make fullscreen game with it (for example) ? 

Sure!  Have you thought of using google?  The first 2 hits for
    python games
are on www.pygame.org, "This allows you to create fully featured games
and multimedia programs in the python language", as the google snippet
says.  The third hit is for the book "Game Programming With Python" on
the amazon site.  The 4th one is about Month Python, but the fifth is
back to our subject -- a "Python Game Programming" page full of useful
links.  Then you get another link to the same book, a link to a
different book, &c.

> I've looked at http://www.python.org but nothing concrete there

You _gotta_ be kidding, right...?  The Beginner's Guide link takes you
right to the BeginnersGuide page which starts with the reassurance that
Python is easy to learn even if you're new to programming and continues
with a zillion useful links.  The Python Books link takes you to a huge
list of books, and the FIRST subheading under "specific applications" is
for game programming, leading you to the two books I already mentioned.
There's a Search bar, enter Game there, and the FIRST hit is
http://www.python.org/moin/GameProgramming which STARTS with the
reassurance that, yes, you CAN "write whole games in Python", and
besides PyGame also points you to PyKira, "a fast game development
framework for Python" (which) "also supports MPEG video, sound (MP3, Ogg
Vorbis, Wav and Multichannel module files), direct images reading and
much more".  Etc, etc, ...!!!

How much more "concrete" could you expect *ANY* blessed website to BE,
for Pete's sake?!??!


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