compiler version mismatch when building ext_modules with MSVC

Bo Peng bpeng at
Sun Jan 9 22:53:45 CET 2005

Dear list,

I was using autoconf/automake etc to build my python extension. Since 
distutil seems to be easier, I have switched to this method. However, 
when I build the module under windows, I am told that compiler version 
mismatch... I am using msvc 7 and python was build by msvc 6.0.

I am not sure why compiler version matters here since

1. if proceed by removing corresponding lines in distutil, the generated 
module works fine (as far as I can tell).

2. I am told that I can use minGW gcc ... Isn't mingw differ more with 
msvc6 than msvc7?

3. I was using msvc7 (automake etc, not distutil) and everything was 
fine. I was not even warned about potential problems.

Since there are many different Python out there (Official, ActivePython, 
Enthough), do I have to figure out which compiler they use to build my 
module for them? Currently, my MSVC7 built module works fine with all of 


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