Automatic Windows printer creation?

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Thu Jan 20 10:26:24 CET 2005

[Roger Upole]
| You can probably do it through WMI.  (class is Win32_Printer)
| WMI works well with win32com, and there's also a wrapper module
| for simplified access.
| I imagine getting all the device parameters and port
| configuration right will be messy, though.

And here's a handy link (warning: long URL):

(I got that by googling for Win32_Printer and
then for AddPrinterConnection).

But... you'd better be using XP or 2K3 because,
almost comically, each of the examples is prefixed
by a "<method to be used> does not work on Windows 2000,
Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95".


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