[perl-python] 20050121 file reading & writing

Gian Mario Tagliaretti g.tagliarettiNO at SPAMparafernalia.org
Sat Jan 22 14:04:19 CET 2005

Xah Lee wrote:

> # the second argument of open can be
> # 'w' for write (overwrite exsiting file)
> # 'a' for append (ditto)
> # 'r' or read only

are you sure you didn't forget something?

> # reading the one line
> # line = f.realine()


> [...]

Maybe you didn't get the fact the you won't see a flame starting between
python people and perl friends?

throw yourself somewhere and... Xah.flush()
Gian Mario Tagliaretti
PyGTK GUI programming

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