unicode mystery

Sean McIlroy sean_mcilroy at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 22:48:44 EST 2005

I recently found out that unicode("\347", "iso-8859-1") is the
lowercase c-with-cedilla, so I set out to round up the unicode numbers
of the extra characters you need for French, and I found them all just
fine EXCEPT for the o-e ligature (oeuvre, etc). I examined the unicode
characters from 0 to 900 without finding it; then I looked at
www.unicode.org but the numbers I got there (0152 and 0153) didn't
work. Can anybody put a help on me wrt this? (Do I need to give a
different value for the second parameter, maybe?)


PS: I'm considering looking into pyscript as a means of making
diagrams for inclusion in LaTeX documents. If anyone can share an
opinion about pyscript, I'm interested to hear it.


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