Integration with java (Jpype vs. JPE)

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Sun Jan 16 11:38:00 EST 2005

Cameron Laird wrote:
> In article <34s5krF4c85d5U1 at>,
> Jon Perez  <jbperez808 at> wrote:
>>Can someone summarize in a nutshell what is the
>>difference between JPype and JPE?
> JPE's the original.  It provided more functionality than JPype has
> achieved so far, I believe (though that could change any day).  I
> think no one now maintains JPE.
> Someone really ought to include a couple of sentences to that effect
> on the front page of <URL: >.

Well, Cameron summed it up pretty good :)

I'd add that The only major (and yes I know it is VERY major) 
funtionailty missing in JPype is the ability to subclass Java classes in 

On the other hand JPype will (soon) have functionality that JPE doesnt 
have. Java arrays can already (in 0.4) be iterated as regular Python 
collections. Version 0.5 will add that same behavior for Java 
collections (Map, List, Set, Iterator).

Of course, the above is based on the JPE documentation, because I havent 
been able to get JPE to work.

About Cameron's suggestion, sure. I'll do it as soon as I (or someone 
else) can get both JPype and JPE to work so they can be compared through 
more than just their respective documentation.

a.k.a devilwolf on sourceforge

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