Pickling a class instead of an instance

Sebastien Boisgerault boisgera at isia.cma.fr
Thu Jan 13 13:32:22 CET 2005


It seems to me that it's not possible with the pickle module 
to serialize a class rather than an instance, as in

>> from pickle import *
>> class C(object):
>>     "... doc ..."
>>     a = 1
>> pickstr = dumps(C)

I mean, it does *something*, there is no error indeed, but 
from the string pickstr, I am unable to rebuild the class 
C in a brand new context (got a "you're really stupid, all 
you deserve is an AttributeError because you know there is
no attribute 'C' in the 'module' object" error).

Am I wrong ? Why would the "(new-style) classes are regular 
objects too" mantra not apply in this case ? Could we imagine
a patch to the pickle module to handle this kind of situation ?


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