The best way to do web apps with Python?

Steve Holden steve at
Sat Jan 8 14:09:09 EST 2005

worzel wrote:

> What is the best way to web developemnt with Python? Is there anything 
> close to PHP style in-page script placement that can create and use 
> other Python objects? I am not really interested in Zope (I believe that 
> is more a CMS than anything else?) I am also looking for something a 
> little more structured than a series of CGI Scripts.
More ways than you can shake a stick at, but nowadays you should 
consider using WSGI if you want your code to be portable across many 
frameworks. The Web SIG worked very hard last year on defining this 
gateway interface, with the intention that it should become widely 
available, and implementations are available now on environments as 
diverse as mod_python and CherryPy.

You can read about it in Philip Eby's excellent PEP at

> While on the topic - what is the expectataion of Python for this kind of 
> stuff? Would one use Python for certain other things but turn to PHP for 
> web apps - or would one use their Python skills in place of PHP?
Python is a real programming language, whereas PHP was originally 
intended as a simple way of scripting web content. Since then it has 
grown to encompass many of the same features as Python, but since they 
were retrofitted rather than designed in they are sometimes kind of 
clunky (as, IMHO, is Perl, although in a different way).

But there's a lot of good work been done in both PHP and Perl, and I'd 
usually recommend using existing functionality in either language over a 
just-for-the-sake-of-it rewrite in Python. But that could just be 
because I don't like re-inventing wheels.

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