The Industry choice

Paul Rubin http
Sat Jan 1 17:27:09 EST 2005

Steve Holden <steve at> writes:
> > It seems to me
> > that IDLE and a lot of the rest of Python are examples of someone
> > having a cool idea and writing a demo, then releasing it with a lot of
> > missing components and rough edges, without realizing that it can't
> > reasonably be called complete without a lot more work.
> ^Python^open source^

I wouldn't say so.  I'd say the Linux kernel, GCC, Emacs, Apache,
Mozilla, etc. are all developed with a much more serious attitude than
Python is.  Of course there are lots of other FOSS programs that
someone wrote for their own use and released, that are less polished
than Python, but that are also the subject of less advocacy than Python.

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