ANN: Tao Scripting Language 0.8.5 beta released!

Limin Fu fu.limin.tao at
Thu Jan 27 06:34:56 EST 2005

Dear all,

I am glad to announce in this mailing list that the lastest version
of a new scripting language has come out.

Welcome to try it out.

Comments are welcome.

Suggestions are appreciated.

Here are some details:

Design Goals:
1. Simple and efficient.
2. Integrate nice features of other languages whenever possible.

Implementation language: C++ with STL.

Designer: Fu Limin
Email: fu [dot] limin [dot] tao [at]

Key features have been supported:

1. Dynamic-typing variables, supporting complex data structures 
   such as array/list, hash/dictionary and matrix etc.

2. Object-oriented programming ( multi-inheritance not supported 
   yet ).

3. Basic string regular expression matching.

4. Automatic garbage collection capable of collecting cyclically
   referenced objects.

5. Numeric data types: complex number and matrix, and their basic 

6. Convenient namespacing and dynamic creation of subroutines and 

7. Dynamic loading of C/C++ modules ( not complete, but enough for 
   playing with it ^_^ ).

8. An embedded tiny XML parser.

More string operations, multi-inheritance of classes, improvements 
on C/C++ module loading, more on regular expression matching and 
possible optimizations etc.


Sample scripts:


Best regards,


Homepage for Tao Language:

Tao Language project at

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