Unbinding multiple variables

Johnny Lin air_jlin at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 21 14:13:20 EST 2005

thanks everyone for the replies!

John Hunter, yep, this is Johnny Lin in geosci :).

re using return:  the problem i have is somewhere in my code there's a
memory leak.  i realize return is supposed to unbind all the local
variables, but since the memory leak is happening despite return, i
thought it might help me track down the leak if i unbound everything
explicitly that i had defined in local scope before i returned.  or if
anyone has recomm. on plugging leaks, would be thankful for any
pointers there too.

my understanding about locals() from the nutshell book was that i
should treat that dictionary as read-only.  is it safe to use it to
delete entries?

thanks again!

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