java 5 could like python?

Istvan Albert ialbert at
Wed Jan 12 17:18:17 CET 2005

vegetax wrote:

> previus two python proyects where relatively big,and python didnt feel 
> well suited for the task.

One typical problem that others might talk about in more detail
is that you might be writing java code in python. That means
using Java style class hierarchies, methods and overall
organization. That does not work well in python.

> -No naming convention. 

That is result of open source model that evolved over a
long time.

> getAttribute,GetAttribute,get_attribute, then i have to go and check the
> doc, every time,which is a waste of time.

Create a simple wrapper that does exactly what you want. For
example it would take just a few minutes to create a URL class
that you wanted. Then you have to figure it out only once.

> -Is python library half object oriented? half functional oriented? 

Yes. As should most solutions be.


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