script to automate GUI application (newbie)

bogdan romocea br44114 at
Tue Jan 18 10:40:12 EST 2005

Dear Python experts,

I have a GUI application (Windows; apparently written in Java) which I
want to use through a script (without a mouse or keyboard). First, one
of several buttons needs to be clicked (no keyboard shortcuts
available, but I can measure the coordinates in pixels from the top
left corner of the window to the center of the button to be clicked).
Then, a window with a few drop-down lists pops up - I have to make some
choices and click OK (it's possible to navigate from one drop-down to
the next with Tab, and hit Enter for OK). 

I want to run the script above from code (if this then click "... and
OK") and perhaps by means of several desktop shortcuts (one shortcut
for each set of GUI inputs). 

Is such a script possible? If yes, how do I get there? I searched
comp.lang.python but didn't find something directly applicable (or so
it seemed to me - I'm a beginner). Directions (and sample code, if
possible) will be warmly appreciated.

Thank you,

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