SuSE 9.1: updating to python-2.4

Peter Maas peter at
Mon Jan 10 02:48:01 EST 2005

Torsten Mohr schrieb:
> along with my distribution SuSE 9.1 came python 2.3.3.
> I'd like to update to 2.4 now, is this an easy thing to do
> or will lots of installed modules refuse to work then?
> Is there an easy way to find out what i need to update?

I uninstalled 2.3.3 and compiled/installed 2.4 from source.
Now there is a problem: each time I change my system, SuSE tries
to reinstall 2.3.3 because of dependencies. I tried to mark
SuSE-Python as tabu (taboo?) but this it isn't stored. Not sure
if it is my fault or SuSE's. I'm too lazy to track it down.

Perhaps you can do a regular upgrade via FTP. I didn't try that.

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