Python script produces "sem_trywait: Permission denied"

Brown, Warren R warren_brown at
Tue Jan 11 17:24:54 EST 2005

I've seen these messages too on AIX 5.2.


It seems to come from doing an "import" on piped/fork processes with a
python parent.  (In particular import errno)



I don't know the "proper" solution but I got rid of the messages
(similar messages came up when I ran my app) by

hacking Python/thread_pthread.h.  There's a CHECK_STATUS macro the does
a perror if any of the sem_* functions don't return

an acceptable status.


I just commented out the perror (didn't seem to hurt the python tests or
my app) but I hope that someone more knowledgeable about

Python internals might tell me if a more serious problem is looming.


--- warren.



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