script to automate GUI application (newbie)

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Tue Jan 18 16:58:13 CET 2005

[bogdan romocea]
| I have a GUI application (Windows; apparently written in Java) which I
| want to use through a script (without a mouse or keyboard). First, one
| of several buttons needs to be clicked (no keyboard shortcuts
| available, but I can measure the coordinates in pixels from the top
| left corner of the window to the center of the button to be clicked).
| Then, a window with a few drop-down lists pops up - I have to 
| make some
| choices and click OK (it's possible to navigate from one drop-down to
| the next with Tab, and hit Enter for OK). 
| I want to run the script above from code (if this then click "... and
| OK") and perhaps by means of several desktop shortcuts (one shortcut
| for each set of GUI inputs). 
| Is such a script possible? If yes, how do I get there? I searched
| comp.lang.python but didn't find something directly applicable (or so
| it seemed to me - I'm a beginner). Directions (and sample code, if
| possible) will be warmly appreciated.

Have a look at WATSUP. I think it's the kind of thing you're after.


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