Help! Host is reluctant to install Python

Daniel Bickett dbickett at
Tue Jan 25 23:13:35 EST 2005

On phr at localhost.localdomain wrote:
> Daniel Bickett <dbickett at> writes:
> > I've been trying to convince my host to install python/mod_python on
> > his server for a while now, however there are a number of reasons he
> > is reluctant to do so, which I will outline here:
> I'm surprised that you're getting such detailed answers from him.
> Usually, low-cost web hosts want to offer a one-size-fits-all package
> that requires minimal interaction with customers.  If you're paying
> $10 a month for hosting and a host admin has to spend 1 hour sending
> you email, that probably wipes out at least 6 months of profits from
> you as a customer.  If you want custom service you usually have to pay
> a lo tmore.

I know him personally, which is part of my reluctance to ditch him
entirely as most of you have suggested ;-) Suffice it to say I was
able to gain access to a 2.2 installation that was already on the
server, however for my intents and purposes I need a minimum of 2.3.
Now I'm working on getting him to upgrade to 2.4 and install
mod_python :)

New quick question: As for the former, on the download page it states
that the RPM distribution is sufficient for Fedora Core 3 *and
similar*, and I'm curious to know if that applies to Red Had
Enterprise as well. Thank you all for your answers and your time.

P.S. As for your pricing question, I only pay $20 a year. His services
are very affordable. You can see them all at the following link:

Daniel Bickett
dbickett at

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