directory bug on linux; workaround?

Ewald R. de Wit erdewit at
Mon Jan 17 12:10:40 EST 2005

Russell E. Owen wrote:
> It seems that the path was to a "fat" file partition and included a 
> directory name that was all uppercase. The directory was created, but 
> using lowercase. I'm not yet sure the version of python.
> The workaround for now is to not use fat file partitions. But I was 
> wondering if anyone had a better option?

You can mount the FAT partition with the 'shortname' argument, i.e.
put something like 

/dev/sda1 /usbkey auto umask=0,user,iocharset=iso8859-1,sync,kudzu,codepage=850,noauto,exec,users,shortname=winnt,check=s 0 0

in your /etc/fstab

Btw, this is a general Linux problem and is not really related to
Python (it also happens when working with shells or filemanagers).

  --  Ewald

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