Python evolution: Unease

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Fri Jan 7 02:09:08 CET 2005

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> If I have a 400 gig hard drive, I don't see why I need 99.99% of it
> empty instead of 99.0% after I do my OS install.

Even though I currently only have 80 megs (about the minimum one can 
currently buy), I've about decided you are right.  Having just installed a 
3 CD game last night, I realize that my stinginess with disk space for more 
serious stuff is obsolete.  (My first hard disk was 5 or 10 megs.)  A 
gigabyte would cover Python + Wxpython + numarray + scipy + pygame + a lot 
of other stuff.

Would it be possible, at least for Windows, to write a Python script 
implementing a 'virtual distribution'?  IE, download Python, install it, 
download next package, install it, etc.  -- prefereably table driven?

Terry J. Reedy

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