Print to Windows default Printer

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Jan 20 16:10:26 EST 2005

Tim Golden wrote:
> [Samantha]
> | The printer is on LPT1, but I sure can't get the temp file to 
> | print for some 
> | reason.
> | I am using Windows XP SP2.
> | S
> i'm afraid I have to step out here (metaphorically speaking):
> I'm using Win2K and have no access to XP boxes. The technique
> works fine here; it may be that either they've removed the
> functionality under XP, or that there's some security 
> context which is preventing you from accessing the port.
> Can anyone else try a "PRINT blah" or a "COPY blah LPT1:"
> on XP SP2?

Works fine here.  That is, without having my printer on,
I can see the job go into the printer control window as
just another job.  One does, of course, have to have the
printer set up to *be* LPT1, however, and that doesn't
happen by default unless you select something about
"print from MSDOS programs" when you set it up, or you
go into the Properties and make sure you configure it
properly on the Ports tab...


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