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Sun Jan 2 17:41:32 EST 2005

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>> 2004-I: "xundef.f", line 2: 'y' is set but never used.
> 2005-W: "xundef.f", line 4: 'x' is used but never set.
> 2153-W: "xundef.f", line 5, column 1: Subscript out of range.

None of these are syntax errors.  The first two of these would be caught by 
lint or pychecker (I am presuming).

> One reason interpreted languages like Python are recommended to
> beginners is to avoid the edit/compile/debug cycle. But I think it is
> faster and less frustrating to have many errors caught in one shot.

True syntax errors often result in such a cascade of bogus errors that it 
may often be best to fix the first reported error and then recompile.  Of 
course, compilers vary in their recovery efforts.

Terry J. Reedy

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