subprocess.Popen() redirecting to TKinter or WXPython textwidget???

stewart.midwinter at stewart.midwinter at
Wed Jan 26 16:36:11 EST 2005

Ivo, my initial thought would be, you need to know how much text you
will get back from popen.  My Python reference has the following

import os
dir = os.popen('ls -al', 'r')
while (1):
line = dir.readline()
if line:
print line,

that example shows how to capture the process output in a file-type
object, then bring it into a string with readline().

in your app, you could create a Tkinter stringVar, say myOutput, for
the process output. In your Tkinter widget, you could then set a
textvariable=myOutput. also use the wait_variable and watch options
(hope I recall these correctly, don't have my Tkinter ref. at hand) to
detect when there's been a change to the contents of the StringVar and
update the contents of the label.
Hope this helps, if not, write back. 


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