MySQLdb executemany

Daniel Bowett daniel at
Wed Jan 26 17:16:57 EST 2005

Daniel Bowett wrote:
> I seem to have found a bug/limitation of executemany in MySQLdb.
> I am inserting 3100 records into a database. It works fine and adds them 
> in about 1 second.
> I went back to the program today and realised i'd missed a field so 
> added it to the insert statement. This seems to break it if I try to add 
> all the records in one go. Through trial and error I have realised the 
> limit is 2786 records in one go. Any more than that I get two different 
> errors on the executemany statement:
> "MySQL server has gone away" - This occurs if I try to add all 3100 
> records in one go.
> "Lost Connection to MySQL server during query" - This happens if I am 
> near the 2786 threshold.
> Is there a known limit with this function???


The maximum packet size in mysql by default is 1MB. Hence why I was 
hitting ths problem.

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