How do I make Windows Application with Python ?

Ola Natvig ola.natvig at
Tue Jan 4 05:44:04 EST 2005

> On Mon, 03 Jan 2005 17:19:22 -0500, Peter Hansen wrote:
>>What do you mean by "Windows Applications"?  I'm running
>>Python on Windows XP, so every program I write with
>>Python is a "Windows application" by my definition.  Obviously
>>you are using a different one.
>>(And if you just mean "it has a GUI", then my answer is
>>"I use wxPython with Python".  There is also Tkinter, and
>>other options.  Please ask a more specific, detailed question
>>to get useful answers.)
> Well, I programmed a little in MS Visual Studio 2003, and there you have
> Console apllication and Windows application (among others). Windows one is
> with buttons and other gadgets. So, I want to make applications that
> doesn't open console to display result, I want to display it into the
> message box. Also, I want to use that application on the computers where
> Python isn't installed

if you are familliar with the .NET framework you can use the beta 
release og Python.NET to create your GUI. It gives you access to the 
Windows Forms controlls in the .NET framework

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