is python more popular than coldfusion?

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Wed Jan 5 23:55:36 EST 2005


Yes, I know! I am hooked already! Its such a breeze after doing so much Java 
programming. I just download Jython - the possibilities with this seem 

Unlike you, I learned Coldfusion after learning Java first (about 1996). For 
the sake of a couple of jobs I got on and then some training work as a 
Macromedia Instructor, it was okay for a while. But, the work dried up, and 
then the training became in very low demand, so I find myself looking for a 
new 'second language' - Python is it! (Its in danger of becoming my 'first 
language' as I am enjoying it so much!)

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>> by the way, does anybody want to buy any coldfusion books :)
> I have Sam's Teach Yourself Coldfusion by Charles Mohnike, which I
> bought in 2001.
> By this time I used to think that I was learning rocket science the
> easy way, and thinking about learning php or asp was really scary...
> these codes looked very complex for my uninitiated eyes.
> However, It was good for grasping the logic of interacting with a
> database through sql and making my website dynamic.
> Soon I realized that finding a cheap CF hosting wasn't easy at all, and
> I started to read about php.
> Php is also for web development, but it gave me the basic knowledge to
> understand programming.
> However, I wanted to learn a more general purpose language and I don't
> remember how, I landed in pythonland.
> Let me tell you that I could learn python basics in just a few hours.
> Once I got the interpreter running, I couldn't stop!
> Just get one of the many tutorial available on the web and start
> If you want to start from zero, I suggest Josh Cogliati's beginner
> tutorial.
> Another good introduction is A Byte of Python (google this), or any of
> the ones quoted in Python's web site.
> Learning Python is a good book too (especially the second edition).
> Enjoy!

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