python without OO

Davor davorss at
Tue Jan 25 18:33:11 EST 2005

> On the other hand, this does beggar for a reason to bother with Python at
> all.  It seems you could be happy doing BASH scripts for Linux or DOS batch
> files for Windows.  Both are "nice&simple" scripting languages free of
> object oriented contamination.

not really, what I need that Python has and bash&dos don't is:

1. portability (interpreter runs quite a bit architectures)
2. good basic library (already there)
3. modules for structuring the application (objects unnecessary)
4. high-level data structures (dictionaries & lists)
5. no strong static type checking
6. very nice syntax

so initially I was hoping this is all what Python is about, but when I 
started looking into it it has a huge amount of additional (mainly OO) 
stuff which makes it in my view quite bloated now... anyhow, I guess 
I'll have to constrain what can be included in the code through 
different policies rather than language limitations...

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