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>> That's *it*.
> So, how would you overload an operator to do:
> With native complex support:
> def  twice(a):
>     return 2*a
> print twice(3+4j), twice(2), twice("abc")
> Let's presume for a moment that complex is *not* a native data type in
> Python.  How would we implement the above - cleanly?

I suppose in the same way as (graphic) points and vectors can be
implemented cleanly.

A few years back I had written a Vector class in python, just
to get an understanding of how things worked. It worked without
a problem with your twice function.

>>> Vec(1.0,2.0)
Vector[1.0, 2.0]
>>> def twice(a):
...   return 2 * a
>>> twice(Vec(1.0,2.0))
Vector[2.0, 4.0]

I suppose what can be done with a vector class could have been
done with a complex class should complex numbers not have been
native to python.

Antoon Pardon

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