Clarification on XML parsing & namespaces (xml.dom.minidom)

Uche Ogbuji uche at
Thu Jan 27 22:19:25 EST 2005

Greg Wogan-Browne wrote:
> I am having some trouble figuring out what is going on here - is this
> bug, or correct behaviour? Basically, when I create an XML document
> a namespace using xml.dom.minidom.parse() or parseString(), the
> namespace exists as an xmlns attribute in the DOM (fair enough, as
> in the original source document). However, if I use the DOM
> implementation to create an identical document with a namespace, the
> xmlns attribute is not present.
> This mainly affects me when I go to print out the document again
> Document.toxml(), as the xmlns attribute is not printed for documents
> create dynamically, and therefore XSLT does not kick in (I'm using an

> external processor).
> Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Should I file a bug on

It's odd behavior, but I think it's a stretch to call it a bug.  You
problem is that you're mixing namespaced documents with the
non-namespace DOM API.  That means trouble and such odd quirks every

Use getAttributeNS, createElementNS, setAttributeNS, etc. rather than
getAttribute, createElement, setAttribute, etc.

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