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> Can any one redirect me to a good nevow tutorial and/or a an appliction
> that is niether too big nor too small and can be help in learning
> nevow. Nevow tutorial with the distrubution is too simple and it

You should probably look at all the examples in the latest svn release.
I've made some changes on the way examples directory work and now you
can run all the examples by just running:

twistd -noy examples.tac

It will create a local webserver at http://localhost:8080/

with an index of all the examples (in difficulty order) with colored
browseable source code and the live example.

Plus you can access each sample application's (like the blog engine or
the interactive chat server, or the pastebin) source code.

Examples should scale well from very simple and basic hello world to
very sophisticated ones like the blog engine which uses also xmlrpc and
smtp protocols, or live pages like chatola.

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