Developing Commercial Applications in Python

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Mon Jan 3 20:53:59 CET 2005

Well, now that they are API based, they can easily add any script language
they so wish through SWIG (

Maybe not LISP.   SNOBOL would be the right thing to do.  (*NOT*)

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> > It was actually developed in Fortran some 35 years ago.   Then migrated
> > F77.   Then added a C/C++ layer to sit ontop.   Then converted to API
> based.
> > Then added a Python layer on top.
> >
> > The only thing unfortunate is that they went with MFC on the newest
> version.
> > Yuck!
> >
> Hahaha, sounds like a party to me.  And they didn't even throw in a layer
> Lisp for good effort?  Too bad, if you ask me :)

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