Bad Interpreter

Christopher Koppler klapotec at
Mon Jan 3 21:52:16 CET 2005

On Mon, 03 Jan 2005 12:24:09 -0800, RajaSrinivasan wrote:

> I have seen some previous messages about such a problem. I have this
> problem but it is not clear what the solution really was.
> I am running FC2, python 2.3.3
> the script i have runs if i say something like :
> python
> but ./ results in a :bad interpreter error
> how do i troubleshoot something like this?

Check the first line of your script - it should set the path to the Python
interpreter. It should look something like this:

#!/usr/bin/env python

which doesn't explicitly set the path to the interpreter, but checks the
environment variable called python for that path. If your python
executable lives somewhere the first line or the environment variable 
doesn't point to, you'll need to correct that.



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