DevX: "Processing EDI Documents into XML with Python"

Jeremy Jones zanesdad at
Fri Jan 21 12:32:21 EST 2005

Claudio Grondi wrote:

>"You don't have to rely on expensive and proprietary EDI conversion software
>to parse, validate, and translate EDI X12 data to and from XML; you can
>build your own translator with any modern programming language, such as
>      by Jeremy Jones
>      Excerpt:
>      "Python is an object-oriented, byte-compiled language with a clean
>syntax, clear and consistent philosophy, and a strong user community. These
>attributes (both of the language and the community) make it possible to
>quickly write working, maintainable code, which in turn makes Python an
>excellent choice for nearly any programming task. Processing any "flavor" of
>EDI is no exception."
>just wanted to share with you, that the last issue
>of the DevX newsletter comes with a Python related
>article as first item in the list of subjects.
Anyone interested in processing EDI with Python will probably be 
interested in giving it a read.  Please feel free to scrutinize the code 
mercilessly.  I plan on creating a project on Sourceforge with the code 
that is attached to that article (and hopefully with modifications 
coming from user input in the ensuing months).  Comments are greatly 

Thanks for posting this, Claudio.

Jeremy Jones

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