Ann: CherryPy-2.0-beta released

remi at remi at
Mon Jan 3 15:56:14 EST 2005

> I'm a great believer that avoiding query strings in URL's is good
> practise ( for good arguments why).

CherryPy also supports that out of the box:

class Book:
def default(self, categoryName, bookId):
... = Book()

If you go to "http://domain/book/science/9", CherryPy will call
book.default('science', '9')

> Also how
> much does it complicate matters to run cherryPy under an existing
> webserver? Is any functionality lost?

Well, you can easily run CherryPy behind Apache (see
Since CherryPy provides a WSGI interface (although it's still
experimental), you can also run your CherryPy app with any
WSGI-compatible HTTP server (although I don't really see any advantage
to doing this).


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