Help with web dashboard

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Sat Jan 29 08:09:21 EST 2005

Chris wrote:
> In article <1106924984.507889.265070 at>,
> fuzzyman at says...
> > Ifd you want to use standard CGI I've written a CGI user
> > authentication/management module called logintools.
> >
> Would this be preferred (or easier) than using an application server
> (ie. Zope or Webware)?
> If possible, I think it would be nice if the security aspect of it
> already built-in so I would not need to write/test it myself.
> Thanks for your help.

For simple applications, writing CGIs is going to be quite a lot easier
than using something like Zope. If your final product is big and
complex then CGIs probably aren't suitable anyway.

logintools is a module providing user authentication/administration and
user management specifically for CGIs.


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