[OT] Re: The Industry choice

Peter Dembinski pdemb at illx.org
Sun Jan 2 06:55:40 EST 2005

Paul Rubin <http://phr.cx@NOSPAM.invalid> writes:

> Peter Dembinski <pdemb at illx.org> writes:
>> If it has to be both reliable and secure, I suggest you used more
>> redundant language such as Ada 95.
> That's something to think about and it's come up in discussions, 
> but probably complicates stuff since it's not currently available 
> on the target platform.  Also, the people on the project have 
> significant Java and Python experience but haven't used Ada.  
> Do you think it has real advantages over Java?

As I wrote before, it is more redundant language[1], plus (AFAIR) 
it has the strongest type checking of all the programming languages 
I know about.

Plus, most of Ada compilers (such as gnat) generate machine/operating
system - specific code[2], not bytecode, which could be advantage 
if performance is one of priorities.

I may have a little skewed viewpoint because Ada 95 is the language 
I have recently studied on my RTS labs :>

[1] for example, one has to define interface and implementation parts
    of each module in separate files

[2] AFAIR gnat generates C code, which is then compiled with gcc.

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