Python evolution: Unease

Ville Vainio ville at
Tue Jan 4 08:48:03 EST 2005

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Rubin <> writes:

    Paul> Ville Vainio <ville at> writes:

    >> Also, Python is not a monolithic entity. Guido certainly isn't
    >> going to write a better IDE for Python, so the time used on
    >> language features isn't removed from improving the
    >> infrastructure around the language.

    Paul> There aren't THAT many people working on Python.  Any time
    Paul> spent on feature X does tend to divert resources from
    Paul> feature Y.

But the people working on wxPython, pygtk, pyqt, pydev, whatever, are
largely not the same guys that commit stuff to CPython CVS.

    Paul> fully deployed.  Too much of Python as we know it today is
    Paul> shaped by the weirdness of CPython.  We ought to be able to
    Paul> get away from that.

Type declarations are a feature that might benefit IronPython and
Jython more than they would CPython.

Ville Vainio

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