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> John Roth:
> > The bottom line is that I'm not going to be writing any
> > extensive pieces of Python documentation. My time
> > is better spent elsewhere.
> Well, a couple of years ago I realized that some documentation on the
> was missing. I wrote a document in reST, posted here, and Guido put it
> on
> It was as easy as it sounds. So I don't see your problem.
> Dave Kulhman wrote some utility to convert reST in latex using the same
> style of the standard library docs; I haven't used it myself, but you
> may check
> with him:

Couldn't a better document-writing interface be implemented? This is
the kind of stuff Zope & Plone are used for on a daily basis; not to
mention other countless web frameworks & CMS available in Python. Even
a simple automated service to process & publish reST or SGML files
would be better than requiring aspiring Python doc writers to install
the full toolchain, as pointed out. But, whatever it is (and that's a
difficult choice, politically speaking), it should be hosted on the
main Python site... because that's the place where people look for
info first place.

> P.S. since you cite descriptors, what's wrong with Raimond Hetting
> documentation?
> The only problem I see is that it is not integrated with the official
> docs, but this is a
> minor issue, I think.

The docs are great, but it took me some time to find them out after
searching inside Python docs. This is not a minor issue IMHO.

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