Set parity of a string

John Machin sjmachin at
Mon Jan 24 03:08:36 CET 2005

Peter Hansen wrote:
> snacktime wrote:
> > Is there a module that sets the parity of a string?  I have an
> > application that needs to communicate with a host using even parity

> > So what I need is before sending the message, convert it from space
> > even parity.  And when I get the response I need to convert that
> > even to space parity.
> By what means are the messages being delivered?  I've rarely
> seen parity used outside of simple RS-232-style serial
> Certainly not (in my experience, though it's doubtless been done)
> in TCP/IP based stuff.  And if it's serial, parity can be
> supplied at a lower level than your code.
> As to the specific question: a module is not really required.
> The parity value of a character depends only on the binary
> value of that one byte, so a simple 128-byte substitution
> table is all you need, plus a call to string.translate for
> each string.
> -Peter

And for converting back from even parity to space parity, either a
256-byte translation table, or a bit of bit bashing, like chr(ord(c) &
127),  on each byte.

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