Another scripting language implemented into Python itself?

Cameron Laird claird at
Thu Jan 27 11:08:06 EST 2005

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Arthur  <ajsiegel at> wrote:
>As long as we include the cost of treating adults as children, and
>take it seriously as the kind of cost it is, I'm OK.
>I think Terry's point covers a wide range of the real world
>situations. Though certainly not all.
>My "real" life is in the mid-market business world, not as a geometry
>software developer.  And I see a sort of hysteria descending, in this
>realm on this subject. Of theY2k ilk, but with actually, it seems to
>me, less substance.  Family businesses out on the limb, as a business,
>in a myriad of ways - because they are after all in business, focusing
>on remote scenarios because they are somehow becoming convinced that
>is what business people do (they don't), and demoralizing folks in the
>process.  Folks who know that if they wanted to hurt this business
>they could have done so a hundred times in a hundred ways over the
>years.  But it wouldn't be by screwing with their computer system
>because they wouldn't know how. So isn't it funny that is what the
>boss is so concerned about - all of a sudden? 
>(They always knew they were smarter then him. More proof)

Pronouns quickly overload me.  If you're saying that there's hysteria
afoot, much of it about the harm that might come through use of
computers left unprotected from evildoers, well, yes, I'm with you.
Most people have far more important hazards in their lives and work
than "security violations" as we technologists generally conceive them.

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